In recent years Midcity has seen a great deal of new growth and energy.

This growth has brought an array of opportunities and challenges to the neighborhood and its businesses. In order to improve Communication, respond to new challenges, steer growth in the right direction, and properly market our dynamic corridor, the MidCity business community needs to pool its resources.

Local business owners and landowners are exploring the opportunities offered by a Business Improvement District (“BID”). A BID could provide the unified voice we need to both resolve challenges and make the most of the opportunities ahead. A BID could coordinate marketing events and activities, advocate for smart business development, spearhead neighborhood beautification projects, promote safety, and provide a means for businesses to share information with each other and engage in planning with the community and city. By working together we can access untapped resources and provide services and amenities targeted toward the area’s unique and specific needs. Local businesses and landowners are working to design a BID that will have a real and positive impact on the MidCity area, and we will be engaging a broad cross-section of the local business community to gain consensus and help achieve our goal.